A New Era is Coming… What Are You Looking For?

Ok, everyone. As my team and I finally prepare the new Concept: “Mobius” site, I’d like your input on what you’d like to see this time around.

This is going to be a new beginning for the site, so I want to know what you want to see on it or from it. What have you been wanting C:M to cover?


Do you think Sonic becoming Super Sonic is from the use of Chaos Control? Could that be why he manages to save himself in SA2 and use Sonic Wind in his boss fight?


No. Because Sonic wasn’t familiar with Chaos Control before SA2 yet still consistently attained Super Form.

Chaos Control has always been a skill that has to be consciously tapped-into and it pertains to the ability to manipulate time and space, not anything else.

It’s never been outright confirmed that Sonic ever needed an Emerald to use Sonic Wind. Just like Shadow never needed an Emerald to perform Chaos Spear. It could be argued that he never uses it after SA2 because he doesn’t need to use it as his ordinary abilities suffice, it being put into SA2 purely for boss fight purposes aside. It’s usage in 2P mode is strictly non-canon.

There are Chaos Attacks and there are, for lack of a better term, Ki Attacks. Sonic Wind falls under the latter.


What did you think about the kiss in 06


I think it was awkward simply because of the uncanny valley factor of a realistic human kissing a large-headed blue cartoon Hedgehog who also happens to be dead. There’s also the fact that their ‘romance’ was so badly-written that the kiss comes-off as stupid.

I do not consider it bestiality and in fact remains that it isn’t bestiality. A taboo factor of bestiality is the fact that animals cannot give consent. Sonic is socially-speaking in his world, nothing less than human in that regard. He has the same level of sapience as humans and is treated like them by society in the games, even falling under human laws as indicated by the fact that he could be arrested and thrown into jail. So the notion that “He’s an animal!” only has merit in the sense that the kiss was an interspecies one and absolutely nothing more.

It isn’t necrophilia either. A kiss is not inherently sexual. Elise was not making-out with his corpse or expressing some kind of depraved lust for it. If you honestly believe that that kiss was necrophilic then you literally do not know what the fuck you’re talking about.

This argument, this belief, that the kiss in ‘06 was a necro-bestial one has to stop because it’s nothing less than unadulterated bullshit and in addition is so often something that is brought-up in order to shit on the series even today when they’re is zero merit to this view.

That kiss is contempt-worthy because it was badly-written up-to and looked mega-awkward considering the uncanny valley factor of realistic person kissing cartoon Hedgehog.

A sensible take on the scene no one will shut up about for the wrong reasons.



The artwork for Sonic Spinball’s American Packaging.

In the later part of Sega’s height in popularity, there was some interesting changes done to some of the box art, depending on which version you got.

For the Mega Drive / Genesis release, the game kept the game-style “Robotnik” on the artwork, along with the harsher lines around Sonic’s face.

For the Game Gear and Master Systems version however, they swapped out the game Robotnik for the version from Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, as well as altered Sonic’s eyes and ears to be less angry.

Who knows why the did the change.

Sonic looks much better on the Game Gear cover. Dr. Robotnik…not so much.



Silver the Hedgehog: Too immature. Plus, there’s no way he can hook up with someone outside his era without messing up the timeline. Silver’s not that irresponsible.

E-123 Omega: He’s a robot.

Jet the Hawk: Too immature and full of himself to consider dating anyone who can’t keep up with him….

Ok, I admit it. THIS I can get behind. ^_^


Bad news, everyone.

Ok, peeps. It looks like our host, the Technoguild, is changing servers by March’s end. But, as planned, Concept: “Mobius” will not be joining it.

Normally, this would be a good thing, but unfortunately, there has been virtually no progress to speak of on our new site, which, frankly, was NOT planned. ¬_¬

So, for a while, Concept: “Mobius” will be without a main site. Thus, our operations have to be restricted to our satellite branches on deviantART, Facebook, and here on Tumblr.

I apologize for this disappointing news.


Sonic Rivals: Is it Canon?

Sonic Rivals is considered to be the official canonical debut of Silver since Sonic Next was wiped from the timeline.

The problem is, none of the Rivals games were released in Japan, and the only acknowledgement to the games given by Sonic Team is the inclusion of the Rivals 2 theme in the True Blue CD and music from both games in Generations.

So, do you consider the Sonic Rivals series to be canon?

Concept: “Mobius” - Brainstorming Session ~ Sonic Storybook Ideas

"Another section thingy?" Yep.

We at Concept: “Mobius are quite fond of the Sonic Storybook Series. What Secret Rings started, Black Knight improved upon, and both were ideal portrayals of the Blue Blur himself.

For a while, I’ve been thinking…if there were to be a third entry, what legends could be explored this time? Personally, I’d like Mexican folktales to be given a shot. Sonic could be summoned to fight alongside other Spanish and Mexican heroes and folk legends to prevent the corruption of the Day of the Dead.

That’s my idea, but what do you think? I’d like you guys and gals to reblog this with your ideas. Let’s do some brainstorming!


Concept: “Mobius” - Tidbit Hunters

"Sonic 1? Big whoop."

Yeah, but what is it running on? Genesis? Nomad? GBA (Lord forbid)? Nope. This is an arcade version. Sega released this on their MegaTech and MegaPlay cabinets, which was their attempt to port console titles to the arcade, rather than the other way around. Weird, huh?

This version is exactly like the Genesis version, with one big difference: NO H2O. Yep, Labyrinth Zone and Act 3 of Scrap Brain were cut, because, let’s be honest: Would you want to deal with that crap in the arcades?